Connect with patients outside of your practice

Use Cord’s connected health platform to deliver remote care that improves patient health.

What can Cord do for your practice?

Extend care beyond the exam room

To compete in a value-based environment, you need solutions that reach patients outside of the clinical setting. Cord lets your practice deliver remote team-based care by managing an interactive care plan with specific tasks for the care team and the patient. Give your patients the ability to better self-manage their care.

Collect patient-generated health data

As a Physician, you recognize the benefits of having access to patient-generated health data (PGHD) during care. Patients are also eager to share this data and increase digital engagement with your practice. Cord gives your team the ability to collect and analyze PGHD so that you can make the appropriate interventions and adjust patient care accordingly.

Increase revenue and reimbursement potential

Since Jan 1, 2018, physicians can get reimbursement from CMS for offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services to eligible Medicare patients. Get reimbursed for time spent collecting and analyzing patient-generated health data that is digitally stored and transmitted to your entire care team.

Personalize the care experience

Driven by experiences outside of healthcare, patients increasingly expect to use digital technologies to control when, where and how they receive care services. Cord empowers human judgement, freeing up your time as a physician while at the same time personalizing your care services.

Coming soon

We are working hard to build the best product possible. Currently, we are partnering with health care providers across the country to pilot and test our services before we release Cord. If you are interested in joining our pilot let us know.