Manage patient outcomes and deliver coordinated care anywhere

Use Cord’s connected health platform to manage the care of your at-risk patients.

Modernize your organization with a mobile solution built for patient health

Whether you are a large health system or a regional hospital you recognize that implementing new technology can be a strain on your organization and patients. Healthcare organizations are constantly inundated with technology that over promises and under delivers.

At the same time, increasing competition, decreasing margins, onerous reporting requirements, and digitally savvy patients leave your organization scrambling for solutions that lower costs, improve the patient experience, and enable the transition to value-based care.

Health systems are increasingly looking toward cloud-based mobile solutions to improve communications, increase visibility into patient information, and engage patients while improving patient care.

Health Systems use Cord to:

Remotely monitor patients

Improve care team communication

Deliver digital health interventions

Increase reimbursement


Lower costs by adopting cloud-based solutions built for integration

Recent reports put the average cost of development for a mobile health app from conception to launch at approximately $425,000. Cord’s cloud-based platform allows healthcare organizations seeking mobile care management and care delivery solutions to launch quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

Remote monitoring

Integrate remote patient monitoring (RPM) into existing physician workflow with Cord. Give your physicians a connected health solution that easily obtains and manages the most relevant, useful data generated by your patients.

Care management

Cord’s team-based care management solution allows your organization to efficiently deliver patient-centric care to any patient population. Give your patients the ability to better self-manage their care through digital health interventions and assessments.

Want to deliver care differently?

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