Cord Health is a Nashville-based digital health company working with providers to enhance the patient experience and ensure the highest quality of patient care.

Our mission

Always Listen. Question Assumptions. Act with Kindness. Serve the Patient. Inspire Care.

We believe that technology should enable and support the patient-provider relationship by getting out of the way. Practicing medicine or providing care is a deeply human activity done by people for people. Technology’s ultimate purpose is to serve and delight, not to distract or make life harder than it has to be.

To live up to this notion, it is deeply important that we ask ourselves the following questions daily:

  • Do we enable empathy?
  • Do we improve the patient experience?
  • Do we improve the lives of the healthcare providers?
  • Do we help lower the cost of care?
  • Do we increase access to care?
  • Do we enable the wellbeing of the patient?
  • Do we promote transparency in patient care?

For Cord Health to truly live out its mission, we must do the hard things.

We also ask our customers to do the hard things with us. We are asking you to spend part of your day in a new unfamiliar application. We are asking you to move beyond and outside of your comfort zone by changing the way you provide care. We are asking you to change how you communicate with patients and each other.

We get it. We are asking a lot, and believe us when we tell you, we are just getting started.

Our hope is by asking these tough questions and doing the hard things, life will be more enjoyable and meaningful for all of those we touch.

We are here to help you care.

Much love,

The Cord Health Team

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